Friday, 23 August 2013

Rahul Gandhi If India is computer, Congress is its default programme

Breaking News: Rahul Gandhi 

If India is computer, Congress is its default programme 

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1.Default Programme with lots of Bugs and which crashes always!!! Time to uninstall and install new programme...

2.If india is a computer congress is a virus

3.Default program like "MS Internet Explorer" that's only used to download "Firefox"!!!

4. Rahul baba says if India is computer, then congress it's default programme

I say if India is a computer then congress is the virus that stops it running properly.

Can NDA be the Anti virus programme?

5.Yes it's the default program and it screwed up the whole system with corrupt bugs even troubleshooters can't correct it. So needs a format and a new software free from corrupt bugs ....

6.he meant 'the fault programme' or 'defunct programme'

7.Pappu can't speak saala...........

8.Congress is the best virus that slowly CORRUPTs the computer. Spread to 
Pak and China and burn the hard disk and install new one.

9.India a 'computer'? Last I heard, the guy said it was a 'beehive'.

I am scared for what next. Will India be a 'pizza' in next speech?

10.If he is a computer then everything on him is HI-tech with fastest processor,highest memory speed,latest Graphic card and HD monitor.......Lacks one thing......A hard-disc that is broken and connected only to motherboard SONIA.

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